Just like you we are surfers, in search of the relentless joy that surfboard and wave evoke in us. Every surfboard offers the opportunity to tell a powerful story and it is up to you, to us, to decide what kind of story it will be.


Dent Resistant

The wooden component in our blanks is not only responsible for the “sand” colour of the blanks but also creates a very small and homogenous cell structure which results in a strong foam that is very pressure dent resistant. Surf with all your power – our blanks are designed to last !

Water Resistant

If you ding your board and the foam gets contact with water, the fine cell structure created by our wooden component keeps the water from entering into the foam.

Memory Foam

The MDI – based isocyanate we use for the expansion process not only omits less VOCs and is healthier for the people working with it but also significantly increases performance and memory of our foam. It is responsible for creating a very lively and responsive foam and makes sure that these characteristics stay that way.


Your shaper has the option to use your preferred resin to finish the board and thus create exactly the board you want. The natural colour of the foam goes well with all resin colours so the only limit is your own imagination.


The foam we developed takes it‘s whole lifetime into consideration. It is strong, and meant to last, but when a wave or reef do break the board we take the foam back in our facility in France and use it as a source for your next surfboard.