Shapers are our most important partners on our mission to make surfboard manufacturing more sustainable and reduce the impact we as surfers have on our planet!

Polyola is inspired by you! The shaper, glasser, sander, the craftsmen and women that dedicate their life to the craft of making surfboards. We create blanks that have less impact on our planet so you can transform them into surfboards that fill us with joy and a good conscience.

As a collective we can have an impact and we view it as our shared responsibility to shape a more sustainable surfboard industry together.


Business Growth

By using our blanks you can reach more and more surfers that want to make a sustainable choice when purchasing a surfboard.

Resins & Tints

Our blanks can be used with both polyester or epoxy resins so you have the freedom to choose the appropriate resin for the board. The natural “sand” colour makes the blanks a versatile canvas for the most colourful creations you can think of.

Less toxic to work with than with usual polyurethane

The MDI – based isocyanate we use for the expansion process omits way less VOCs and is less toxic than traditional TDI which is used in all other white foams. Not only does it enhance performance but by working with MDI only we intend to create a working athmosphere as good as possible for the legends pouring your blanks, as well as yourself shaping the blank!

Cell Structure

The wooden additive we use creates a very homogenous and closed cell structure throughout the whole blank.

Recycling Service

You don‘t just buy a blank! By working together with us you invest in new blanks for the future. The price of our blanks includes the service of taking foam left overs back at our facility in France and turn these offcuts into new surfboard blanks.

Blank Customization

Custom Rocker? Custom Glue? Custom stringers or even custom foam colour? We are inspired by the creativity you bring to a blank and will try to do our best tosupport it by making your custom wishes come true as good as we can!

Strong foam for perfect finishes

the tight cell structure does not only result in a strong foam that is very pressure dent resistant, it also makes it an material for a precysely perfect finish.