Recycling isn’t a one-person job, it takes a community effort to make a real impact – will you join us?


Since our Polyurethane foam is 100% recyclable, all basic requirements are given.
But as waste is accumulated at several points in the life cycle of a surfboard, so we need your cooperation!



If your surfboard is still usable:

Reselling an old surfboard extends its lifespan and gives someone else the opportunity to enjoy it, so fewer new surfboards need to be produced. This helps save resources, minimize environmental impact, and you make money too!


If your surfboard is repairable:

Repairing a surfboard is a more sustainable and cost-effective option than recycling it, as recycling still requires energy and resources to break down and reuse the materials. Repairing a surfboard also extends its lifespan, reducing the need for new resources to be extracted and processed for a replacement.


If your surfboard can neither be resold nor repaired:

We are working with our partners on an infrastructure with collection points where you can drop off your broken surfboards made from polyola foam.


Collection Bag for Shapers

Don’t let cut-offs be a wipeout, recycle!

The purpose of this paper collection bag is that shapers can collect their Polyola cut-offs and dust in it. Make sure that no other materials or dusts are mixed in with the Polyola foam. Once it is full, seal it securely to prevent any leakage.
You can:
a) drop your full paper bag at a collection point near you
b) it is going to be picked up if you receive a VIRAL order
c) you send it back via post to us

Collection Points

Thanks for shredding and carving a path towards a more sustainable surf industry!

We are in the process of establishing collection points around Europe with our partners:

Here you can already drop of your Polyola cut-offs and dust:

  • VIRAL Surf (France)
  • EChO Surf (UK)
  • BlueRoom (Portugal)
  • SurfCove (Italy)

Surfboard Factories

Integrated system for collection of waste.

In larger factories, we try to run the CNC machine only for polyola blanks on certain days. Unfortunately, we cannot recycle conventional PU foam, so we collect the dust on these days so that no other waste is mixed with it.