What is your foam made from?

Our formulation is made from recycled post-consumer polyurethane, an upcycled wooden component and a healthier isocyanate for the people working with it.

Where does the color of your foam come from?

That is the natural color of the foam because of the wood component we use!

Can I already buy blanks?

We are finalizing the formulation. The current situation caused some delay. Our goal is to be ready by middle 2020. Send us a message if you are interested and you will be one of the first once we contact once we are ready!

Can I use epoxy / polyester as resin?

Yes, you can work with both resins!

Where do you produce?

100% made in Europe!

How much is it?

Pricing will be around regular PU, depending on the cost of the final formulation. We want it to be affordable for all.

Is it possible for other applications like Kite, SUP, Windsurf?

We sure think so! If you are interested in any of these applications, we are happy to hear from you!

What Blank sizes will you offer once you start?

  • 6‘2“ S
  • 6‘4“ F
  • 6‘7“ S
  • 7‘4“ M

Exact dimensions will follow!

Do you deliver worldwide?

Right now, we are focusing on Europe, in order not to ship air (blanks) across thousands of kilometers. We will expand to other continents, where the blanks will be produced locally. Drop us an email and we will keep you updated.