About Us

Shaping the future of more sustainable, high quality surfboard foam with like-minded collaborators around the world!

What do we do?

Unfortunately, current surfboards and especially their foam core (also known as “blank”), are mostly made from toxic materials that are very hard to recycle. We have developed a more sustainable, high quality polyurethane foam core, based on recycled material which is also 100 % recyclable.

Together with the chemistry company we partnered up with, we have created a more environmentally friendly and high-quality two-component polyurethane formula, tailor made for surfboards:

  • One component is almost entirely made from upcycled contents (recycled post-consumer polyurethane and a wood component)
  • The second component is designed to be healthier for blank producers and shapers working with it, than the chemicals that are currently being used in other foams

100% recyclable!

We focus on the distribution of blanks, but also take responsibility for the waste, which is occurring during the shaping of surfboards. All the production offcuts can be upcycled to become the source for your next surfboard! Ask your shaper about getting a polyola blank for your next board!

Polyola FOAM

Why we do it?

As surfers, we are intrigued with how surfboards are made. The process from a raw blank to the finished surfboard is beautiful. However, it is a process that creates a lot of harmful and toxic waste. Most of it is currently neither being reused nor handled responsibly. In addition, it is toxic for the people working with it and the environment we all enjoy when surfing. It is our desire to address and change that.

Since the 1950s, when the first pioneers started experimenting with polyurethane foam for surfboards in California, this material has been the number one choice for shapers and surfers as the core material of their surfboard. It is an easy to work with, light weight material, that is giving every surfboard it’s unique shape and the unique sensation when riding a wave for decades now.

How we do it?

It is a team effort. In collaboration with the chemists, we have been working on developing the perfect formulation of a more sustainable, high-quality polyurethane foam for surfboards. Together with our partner and producer, we turn this liquid foam formula into surfboard blanks. We source and produce as locally as possible in the European market to be environmentally friendly, by keeping a low carbon footprint.

That is why we also count on you, the producers and the shapers out there! By helping us collect the production waste, or broken surfboards, we can turn the vision of recycling into reality, together.

Let`s move towards a circular economy
in surfboard building together.

Polyola TEAM

The Team (from left to right): Javier, Aristide and Daniel.