About Us

Finding inspiration in surfing’s rich history and pairing it with cutting edge material innovations, we develop and supply the surfboard manufacturing industry with contemporary and sustainable products for the 21 century!

As surfers we are intrigued and inspired by the craftsmen and women that dedicate their life to the craft that ultimately gets us to play in the ocean and waves.

That’s why we were frustrated when we realized how toxic and polluting the process of creating a standard surfboard actually is.

As outsiders to the core industry we visited shaping bays in Europe and spent countless hours listening to the craftsmen and women to understand what they want and need from a material. With this knowledge in mind we set out to find the missing partners from all walks of life that would help us redefine the core material of the surfboard industry: The PU Blank.

With more than 3 years of development, countless iterations and prototypes built and surfed we were able to not only reimagine the surfboard blank but also to create it.

By bringing together a colourful mix of leading scientists, shapers and surfers we take unconventional paths to develop and supply surfboard builders with contemporary products that make surfboard manufacturing more sustainable. And this is what we do here at polyola.