Our Vision.

Founder: Daniel Guntschnig & Aristide Schöndienst

We founded polyola with the vision to change the way surfboards are made, through material innovation.

Witnessing plastic pollution on beaches everywhere we went, sparked a curiosity into the materiality of things and the urge to create more environmentally friendly, but still highly performant materials.

One of the biggest problems of the surfboard industry is the linear process of manufacturing surfboards that creates a huge amount of (petrochemical polyurethane) waste, which is not being reused or handled ecologically.

Our Goal

In collaboration with our research partners, we are developing a new, more sustainable, high – quality polyurethane foam core for surfboards (blank) that can be 100 % recycled, which we take responsibility for.

Transforming the linear process of ‘take-make-waste’ towards a circular economy approach.




  • 2-Component Polyurethane System (Ratio about 1:1)
    • Component #1: > 90% recycled post-consumer polyurethane and a wood component
    • Component #2: MDI based isocyanate
  • High-Performance
    • use of wood component → improves flex pattern
  • 100 % Recyclability
    • production waste
    • surfboard foam at the end of its lifecycle
    • source for your next board!
  • MDI based instead of TDI
    • healthier for manufacturers to work with


If you are interested in further information or want to collaborate with us, we are looking forward to hearing from you. Just fill out the contact form or drop us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.